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What is Stripping

Stripping with reference roads made of asphalt/ bituminous binders, refers to the "loss of bond between the binder and the aggregate." This bond between the stone /aggregate and the binder is the most important factor influencing the road / pavement life and durability.

Main Reasons / Causes of Stripping

The primary causes of stripping in roads are :

  1. Water – In the form of rain, snow, ground water, sea water, moisture etc.
  2. Nature of Aggregate. Certain types of aggregate do not bond or adhere well with bituminous binders due to their composition. This aggregate are generally "water – loving" and are called "hydrophillic aggregate". These aggregate are highly prone to stripping in the presence of water.
  3. High air voids and low density of Hot Mix.
  4. Improper or no drainage system of the road / highway / pavement.
  5. Poor workmanship and weak initial binder – aggregate bond.
  6. Construction weather and area climate
  7. Traffic load
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