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Adhesion : Active/Passive

SUPER-BOND XS is extremely effective in considerably enhancing both Active Adhesion and Passive Adhesion Active Adhesion

When the bitumen has the property to coat even wet aggregate, it is called active adhesion. This is essential at the time of construction, as this would result in a complete bond between bitumen and aggregate. Even thin film of moisture would cause improper weak bonding. It has been observed that active adhesion is possible only with the addition of a good quality anti stripping agent. The test for Measuring this adhesion is the under water coating test.

Bitumen Coated Aggregate with Super-Bond XS

Bitumen Coated Aggregate without Super-Bond XS

SUPRE BOND XS coated aggregate result in a complete bond between bitumen and aggregate and acting as antistripping agent Poor Adhesion Between bitumen and aggregate without super bond XS
Passive Adhesion

In this case dry aggregate are first coated with bitumen and then immersed in water for 24 hours. Thereafter, if the bond/ coating of bitumen and binder stays intact, and there is minimum damaging effect of water, it is called passive adhesion. The test for measuring passive adhesion is as per IS 6241-1971. In practice this bond starts weakening after some time but by incorporating SUPER-BOND XS in the binder the bond remains intact and there is no stripping of bitumen from aggregate surface.
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