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Looking for a Building Construction repair and maintenance materials and chemicals in India.


Methods of use at site

SUPPER-BOND XS can be added to the Bitumen through the manhole of the tank. Thereafter, the bitumen should be circulated in the tank with the help of the bitumen pump for 20-25 minutes to get a homogenous mix.

SUPPER-BOND XS can also be injected in the Bitumen line by the means of a dosage pump. It is fed into the bitumen just before it is sprayed on the aggregate in the mixer.

SUPPER-BOND XS mixes very easily with bitumen and can simply be added through the manhole cover of the bitumen tank and mixed with a long rod/stick. 20-30 minutes would ensure a homogenous mix in small and medium sized bitumen tanks.

• Hydraulic scouring which occurs on surface courses because of a compression tension cycle caused by the interaction of tire pressure with surface water

Dosage and Application

The dose requirenent of SUPPER-BOND XS varies from 0.25% to 1.0% by weight of bitumen. This dosage varies with the nature of aggregate, mix design, site conditions, regional climatic conditions etc.

We at, OPAL PAINTS PRODUCTS PVT.LTD. actively participate with our clients to find the exact suitable dose. We use the materials from the construction site and conduct various stripping tests, Marshall Stability test etc. in our complete state of the art laboratory. The optimum dosage should be calculatec in the laboratory before starting the work.

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